Francesca Alice
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The aim is to create my own successful women’s clothing brand from my own ideas and designs. Peacock garments to make women feel fabulous.

by Francesca Alice Moore in Heywood, England, United Kingdom

From a young age I have had a keen eye for fashion. My dream job has always been a fashion designer. People wearing my designs.. My friends and family have always believed in me and seem to use me as their personal shopper. 

The idea has stemmed from a peplum top I have of my own. Every time I wear the top it turns heads and attracts compliments. The last time I wore top, a young girl approach me and asked if she could purchase the top there and then. My mind starting ticking... the next day, Monday morning, I was in the Dental Surgery still thinking about the offer from the girl who was willing to spend her last penny on my top. I then designed the perfect top in my head using my peplum top as a template. Immediately, I texted my best friend Briany who is also my cousin and told her my design idea and her reply was go for it. The next step was getting the design onto paper. I am lucky enough to know a graphic designer who is a close family friend, I messaged her also and told her my idea. Her response was positive and she had my design drawn up in a graphic sketch 5 days later.

I now have my design on paper, my dream is some what becoming a reality. Me, mum and dad was having dinner around the table and was discussing my design. My mum said she had recently started personal training someone who works as the HR at footasylum who may be able to help. The next day mum has been in contact with Jane who works at footasylum who then  arranged a meeting for me to go and meet the merchandising team. So I did, which was a great success.. I walked away with the plans of having my design manufactured and the sample top made for me. I have never felt so proud my dream is now a reality. I still await on the sample for my top which is due to arrive 25/09/19. My next step of my journey is to get a manufacturer to make me 50 garments to begin with the launch of Francesca Alice. We are now in the process of looking for a manufacturing company. The only issue and biggest hurdle is money. The money will buy me 50 garments, packaging, which I have all the ideas already and shipping of the garments. I will market top via social media to begin and package the garments myself from home. I will then create a website which the money will also go towards when more garments are ordered. The money will set up Francesca Alice to be a success. 

My vision for the future is to create a full collection designed by myself. The collection will all be based around the top. The top will be included in all outfits for example; the top will also be sold as a midi dress so the peplum design and a straight fitted skirt attached to create a midi dress. The collection will include, the first top, the top in 5 different colours; nude (the original), white, black, blush pink and grey. All the tops will have the white lace on them as people will then be able to identify the clothing as “Francesca Alice”. I will also include; skirts, trousers, shorts, skorts, mini dress, midi dress and blazer jackets. And possibly add accessories in the future. I have all the designs in my imagination. I now need them on paper and in fabric and back her business can help make this happen. My dream job will become everyday life. 

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