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Lilypads - Be unlimited by your period

by Alison Wood in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 18th August 2020 we successfully raised £11,690 with 212 supporters in 28 days

A period day should be a day like any other. For many women, it isn't. Lilypads: Sustainable, reusable, modern period products

by Alison Wood in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We've hit our target for the first production run! Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to have you standing with us. 

We launched the Crowdfunder to see if we could hit our production run, we now want to stretch and see if we can hit (or even smash) our monthly sales target so are stretching the crowdfunder to £15,000.

Join our movement and be unlimited by your period!

Lilypads have been working for the last three years developing our range of reusable sanitary pads. Reusable sanitary pads can often be either too expensive for you to want to buy, or made from materials that are bulky and leave you feeling damp and uncomfortable. We knew this simply wasn’t good enough.


We set out to make pads that wouldn’t just be more environmentally friendly than disposables, but one that actually works better for you than your disposable. We’re now ready to do our first full production run, and need your support to make it happen.

We started the journey on making the perfect pad to help subsidise the pads internationally so the education of young women doesn't need to be compromised any further. Help us in our mission to keep girls in school, period or not.

The problem

We’ve talked in depth to over 100 women about their issues with their current products, and found that many of us have the same problems.

Disposable pads contain plastic and harsh chemicals which make them bad for your skin, and make them uncomfortable to wear for many women. They need to changed often and women frequently worry about leaks. Over time they are quite an expensive option, and have negative environmental impact as well, filling up landfills and sewers. 


Tampons and reusable cups work well for some women, but many still worry about leaks so they will use them in combination with a disposable pantiliner or pad - creating waste, and costing women more over time than a reusable option.

Reusable pads are often too expensive for women to easily and confidently switch to. Cheaper options are normally bulky and poor at adsorbing. Reusable underwear is again an expensive option, and difficult to change regularly.

Is some of this sounding familiar? That’s why we made our pads.

The solution

We've worked with 10 different manufacturers and textile specialists to reduce the thickness of the pad as well as increasing the absorbency, so it can be worn all day, is cheaper than a year of disposables, and feels like you’re just wearing your underwear.


Our pad uses super-soft fabrics and doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals found in disposables. It’s much thinner than other reusables, and curves to fit your body so it feels like you are just wearing your normal underwear. The top layer absorbs moisture super quickly so you won’t feel any wet patches.


The pad fastens securely around your underwear, using poppers to stay in place. It can also absorb much more than a regular disposable pad so you can wear it for longer, without worrying about leaks.



The black material means you don’t need to worry that anyone will ever see your wings through tights or leggings. It’s so thin that people won’t be able to see an outline through your skinny jeans or anything else you wear. And you won’t ever have to worry about that making awkward plastic rustling sound in the toilets again.


A set of pads cost £22  - cheaper than a year’s worth of disposable (£70, if you spend £5 per period), and we guarantee it’ll last you longer.



Over the course of her life, the average woman will send 500kg of plastic to landfill, just by throwing away disposable pads. For each women converting to Lilypads, our reusable sanitary pad will save the carbon equivalent of driving a car for 4500km

Helping others

10 per cent of our revenue goes to our charitable arm, which is making sanitary products accessible to girls and women in rural Kenya and providing puberty and menstrual health education in Scotland. Our work in Kenya isn’t an add-on: it’s where we started, and it will always be core to what we do. You can read more about our charitable work on our website.


Pledging any amount will enable us to support those who need it. We're also offering the chance for you to pre-order pads or give them to someone in need.

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The Pads

We've got five amazing pads. They'll be available in bundles or individually.


The little one 

Our liner, designed for those days you don't know if your period is coming or going. Small, thin and comfortable

The back-up one

If you’re nervous about your tampon or cup leaking we've got you. It's super discrete, soft and absorbent. You won't feel it, others won't see it. It can absorb the same amount as a tampon so can be worn all day.


The superstar one

If you only want to wear a pad, we've got you too. Super absorbent, comfortable and leaves you feeling fresh. It absorbs 16ml (the same amount as two disposable pads or a cup). Best part is you can't smell it, hear the rustle or feel any difference from your underwear

The active one

Sometimes, blood isn't the only thing we leak. For those of us with a too tight or weak pelvic floor, little bits of urine can escape during the day too. This pad is for you. It looks just like our period pad for added discretion, it's super comfy, and absorbs 16ml (same as a cup). Keeping you and your clothes dry so you can continue being you.


The sleepy one

We all know that feeling of blood on your underwear, PJs and bedsheets. Our night pad is super long and soft, so you won't even know it's there while it makes sure everything should stay where it should 

Other people's thoughts!

"The Lilypad is the first reusable sanitary towel I have come across, which provides a better alternative to plastic, single-use sanitary towels! It is incredibly comfortable and feels more like you are wearing comfy underwear than a pad. More importantly, it does not irritate my skin at all, which was a regular problem with the plastic pads. The fact that the pad is reusable and environmentally friendly also means that I no longer feel my period is killing the planet by disposing of tonnes of plastic each year. What more could you want?! A sanitary towel that is ultra-absorbent, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and saves you money! The Lilypad makes me feel comforted and cared for on my period." Sarah, London

“I was honestly very surprised how easy it was to switch from a disposable pad to a reusable one. I have very irregular periods so it’s amazing not having to go to the shops whenever I’m caught out. They are super comfortable and absorbent. I haven’t had any rash or rubbing even when wearing them consecutively for a week. Amazing!” Mel, Edinburgh



All our models are real women with real periods. They've all got period stories, from super light to super heavy, from leaks due to overworked pelvic floors to disliking tampons or disposable pads. Our products are designed to keep them safe and happy and you too.

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All our pads are designed and tested in Scotland and made in a factory in Lithuania with 50 years of expertise. 



We’re on a mission to ensure no one is disadvantaged by their bodies. For women across the world, a period day is not just a day like any other. A lack of access to sanitary products and menstrual education can lead to unequal opportunity. 

This must stop. 

By purchasing our pads today you are helping make a change. 

Through our work internationally, we listen, we understand, we provide a space to learn. We enable women to make the choice that's right for them, unlimited by circumstance. We offer a different perspective through education and an opportunity with our sustainable, reusable sanitary products.

Lilypads: enabling women to be unlimited.

Find our mote by visiting our website our watching a short video.



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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£22 or more

Pack of Combination, Superstar or Active pads

This pack comes with 4 of our super comfy pads which are designed to feel just like underwear. There is a storage bag included too. You can choose: The Superstar: designed to be worn solo - lasts twice as long as a disposable. Backup pad - to prevent leaks when you are wearing a cup or tampon - lasts 12-hours. The active one - for those of us whose pelvic floor doesn't always keep the urine in, the same absorbency as an incontinence/period pad

£6 or more

International postage (Outside Europe)

You asked - we've provided! Lots of you have asked about international delivery - everywhere from Mexico to Australia :D If you're ordering the pads and live outside Europe, please add £6 (this reward) on to include the postage

£10 or more

Tester set

Two pantiliners so you can have a go with reusable pads, and when you fall in love can add more :) Alternatively, you can donate the money and you'll receive a thank-you email when the Crowdfunder is over, which will tell you how many people you've helped support

£20 or more

Pack of the little ones

This pack comes with 4 of our liners, designed for those days you don't know if your period is coming or going. Small, thin and comfortable, designed to feel just like underwear. There is a storage bag included too.

£45 or more

Starter set

The full range: 2 pantiliners, 2-night pads and 4 backup / superstar / active pads. Give reusable a go and then add as you need

£60 or more

Sponser a microfinance seller

We train women around the world to sell reusable sanitary pads, ensuring women in their community have access to products. This reward will enable us to train someone and provide them with pads to begin selling.

£300 or more

Provide pads for an organisation

Sponsors pads for 200 women - either to an organisation of your choosing or one of our partners. This will give 200 women access to safe period pads to ensure their period isn't a barrier to their life

£500 or more

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A founder to speak at your inspirational event

Love what we do? Want to share it with others to inspire them? We're spoken from Buckingham Palace ( ) to school halls, this reward will bring our next slot to you

£700 or more

Ensure access of pads to a community

This will set up a community of five micro-finance sellers, each will receive sales training by us, access to a factory already set up to make our affordable pads and support enabling them to get going and ensure their community have access to affordable and safe sanitary pads.

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