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Planning a Press Release for your Crowdfunder

by Back Her Business | Apr 05, 2019 | Learn

Planning a Press Release for your Crowdfunder

Great coverage is essential for a great project, but how do you get that all important buzz?

So, you want the word about your project to reach far and wide, getting the attention of anyone who will listen, but it’s not enough just to make a lot of noise about your project. In reality, you need the noise that you’re making to be as effective as possible. When planning your project, connecting people and resources together is truly the best approach! After all, we are true believers in the power of the crowd and how working together can make incredible things happen.

We will always stand by the notion that you shouldn’t underestimate the power of social media and press coverage – and its ability to get some much sought after buzz around your project. Connecting with notable figures, local papers, and local groups via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram isn’t something to be shy about! Or, if it’s relevant to your project, you can go to your local, or even national, press to get some serious coverage. You might be thinking, “But how do I go about this?” Well, you can use search engines to create your own press list by finding details online and contacting various media outlets.

We know that going to local news reporting companies can be scary but, honestly, they will be waiting to hear from you (and it could save them from going out and finding the story themselves.) These resources are a surefire way to help build momentum around your project and target potential backers.

Newspapers love to put a photo to a story so don’t forget to have some high quality images to hand! After sending your initial press release, don’t be afraid to send a follow up email if you hear nothing back.

Now, we know that the term ‘press release’ can sound daunting, but trust us when we say that it’s nothing to worry about. Here are a few things you should include:


The first thing to remember is that your headline needs to be catchy and sum up exactly what you’re doing. Your project name should also be included, along with your location.

For example, ‘Manchester based ‘project title’ launch ‘what your project is about’ to raise ‘x amount’.

First Paragraph

If you had 30 seconds to explain your project to someone, how would you do it? Use this mindset to perfect your first paragraph/opening statement. You want this paragraph to get straight to the point, so we recommend keeping it to one sentence in length, and make sure to include your project name, what you need the money for and how much you want.

For example, ‘Project title’ need ‘x amount’ to help them …’

Next Two Paragraphs

The first few hurdles are out of the way, but now it’s time to reveal more details about your project. In these next couple of paragraphs, make sure you outline what the money is being used for – you can use the information from your project page – and make sure to really hammer across exactly why people should back your project.

For example, ‘The ‘x amount’ raised through will be used for …’


An interesting quote, when used correctly, can really make your press release flourish. Standing as a testimonial to your idea, this quote should come from someone influential, such as a project owner, and explain how important your project is and why people should pledge.

For example, “‘Your name, your title’, said: We believe that ‘project title’ is a great project that will benefit the local community. The ‘x amount’ of money we are hoping to raise through will enable us to …’

Final Paragraph

The end is in sight! This final paragraph is where you need to sum up, and really sell, your project! Don’t forget to mention any rewards you have on offer, or the impact this project will have on a community. You should also mention the URL of your project page so they know exactly where to head next.

For example, For example: ‘Project title’ are offering some great rewards, for ‘x amount’ you can get etc…’ OR ‘Project title’ will have a huge impact on the community by…’