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Together we can help our Local Business-eCoucher

by Renee Liu in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Together we can help our Local Business-eCoucher


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We are launching eCoucher to help local businesses and communities during Covid-19, we want to make it free to use now with your help.

by Renee Liu in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Covid-19 epidemic could affect millions of people in the next few weeks.

Elderly and vulnerable persons are facing various difficulty, some of us are unable to go out for normal shopping. 

2.2 Millions local small businesses in UK, 1 Millions small retail stores in US most of them- clothes shops, convenient stores, local cafés, newsagents, card shops, hardware shops etc, they don’t have website with ordering systems in them, for customers to purchase products or services from them, they have to contact or visit the premises. Only deliveries/takeaways are still available.

We are launching “ECOUCHER” in the next few days, aim 

-to help local small businesses instantly, so that during coronavirus they are able to get back in business, they will have either their staff or local volunteers who will deliver what everyone orders, also for them provide a better service to the local citizens in the future;

-to help citizens, no matter if it is because they can't get out, they are a bit nervous to go out, or simply they would like to receive what they want while sitting on the couch.

On one hand we have built a platform to allow local shops create their own e-commerce web-pages, allow their managers to add / edit / delete their products / services, receive orders from online, receive payment online, arrange deliveries locally, we also provide marketing support for them in various ways; 

Also, we have built a web-app which allows citizens to find their local registered businesses and are able to order what they want and get them delivered to the house locally. After the lock down is over citizens will also be able to pre-order online and collect from store, it also can be used as booking systems for services.

Money raised will be used to cover services cost up until 31/05/2020, therefore no local businesses need to pay a penny to use our service. We will listen to the people's needs, to optimize the service and to help as many as we can.

Thank you.

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